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An introductory class for kids who show interest in dance movement.   Creativity and imagination are guiding these 2-year olds toward their future structured dance lessons.  


Ballet, Tap


Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap


Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap

These classes are designed for dancers who are 3-5 years old.  Dancers will learn fundamental skills and vocabulary for ballet and tap.  

*Dancers must be potty trained in order to enroll in this level.

This level will focus on expanding knowledge of skills acquired in Preschool classes designed for dancers ages 5-7.  No dance experience is necessary to enroll. Dancers are encouraged to register in all styles offered at this level.

Designed for dancers with little dance experience ages 7-9.  Dancers are encouraged to enroll in all genres to create the most well-rounded dance foundation.


Ballet, Contemporary,

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap


Ballet, Contemporary,

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap


Ballet, Contemporary,

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap

While this level is based on experience, most dancers are in the 9-12 age range.  Dancers are encouraged to enroll in all styles in order to get a well-rounded dance training.

Classes at this level are extended to ensure the development of correct technique and discipline.  This level is designed for serious dancers with 5+ years of experience typically 12-14 years old.  Dancers at this level are encouraged to take all styles listed to continue growth and results.

This level is designed for advanced dancers with a significant dance background.  These classes will be taught at a quicker pace than all other levels. While dancers are placed in level 4 based on experience and maturity, most dancers are at least 14 years old with at least 7-8 years of training.  Dancers at this level are encouraged to take multiple ballet classes, all styles listed in addition to Saturday technique classes.


Pre-Pointe/Pointe 1

This is offered for beginning pointe dancers who have substantial ballet experience (necessary to avoid injury).  Dancers must be placed into this class by ballet teacher. Dancers will not go en pointe until teacher approves. Pre-pointe/Pointe 1 must be taken simultaneously to an appropriate level ballet class.


Pointe 2 & 3

This level is for the experienced dancer and is by invitation/placement only.  Pointe 2 & 3 must be taken in conjunction with ballet classes.



This is for dancers ages 12+ with little experience as a way to prepare for high school drill team.  Classes will be taught by former National Champion Drill Team Director and/or staff who have been in the drill team industry.  To see quicker results, it is highly recommended other technique classes be taken in conjunction.


Ballet, Jazz, Turns & Leaps

These classes are for ages 7+ and are designed to give dancers a solid technical base as well as strengthen what foundation they already have.  A variety of technical skills will be taught with challenging directional and weight changes depending on class genre.

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