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Why Choose Athletistry?


- We develop and maintain a high standard of technical, artistic, and creative dancing


   - We positively increase and develop character, work ethic, leadership,

and individual responsibility


   - We promote good sportsmanship

   -We offer all styles


   -Enhance dance knowledge in classes for all ages and levels of experience


   -National Champion Competitive Dance Company


   -Highly educated, experienced and trained faculty

who continue to train themselves to better their students


   -Training dancers to become professionals in any working industry

Parent & Student Testimonials

I have been a dance mom for the past 17 years, and have been involved in several dance studios along the way.  It was not until we found Athletistry that my dancers finally felt as though they had found a home.  My girls feel a sense of "team" among the competition team members, and Ms. Traci and her staff certainly help with that feeling by their interactions with all the team members.  It's a positive studio with a definite sense of a "dance family".  The classes are challenging and varied, and build a well-rounded dancer. - LuAnn F 

Student Testimonal - Ashlynn C.
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We have been at Athletistry Performing Arts Center going on 7 years, and I cannot imagine having my daughters dance anywhere else.  If I had to summarize our dance studio in one word, I would choose relationships.  The staff is amazing, and the friendships made are ones to truly cherish.  Not only do I attribute the growth in dance that I see on a regular basis to the talent of the staff on hand, the shaping and molding of our children as individuals is also apparent through life lessons and experiences shared between the teachers and the dancers.  I wish I had the words to truly thank each and every dance teacher we have encountered at Athletistry for all the love, belief, and motivation they show to my girls every time they step into the studio.  Their inspiration and influence will be remembered long after the dances are done. - Michelle S.

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